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Diverters for Stormwater & Effluent

  • A diverter is used to direct stormwater to a drain to avoid unnecessary pumping of stormwater onto land during periods of wet weather.

  • An Ecostream 2 way diverter is used to divert stormwater to a drain.

  • An Ecostream 3 way diverter is used to divert stormwater to a drain and effluent to either a sump or storage pond.
  • Manually operated, economical, simple and easy to use.

  • Manufactured to suit individual situations.

  • Consists of a concrete base, poly chamber, concrete lid and PVC pipe fittings 150 mm dia.


Code Description
50702 Effluent & Stormwater Diverter 2 Way
50703 Effluent & Stormwater Diverter 3 Way


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