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Tractor Pond Stirrers

Tractor Pond Stirrer
Code 50500

Tractor Pond Stirrer Extension
Code 50501


  • Ideal for stirring effluent storage ponds.

  • Highly effective for recovering valuable sludge on the bottom and removing the crust on the top of an effluent pond and converting it into slurry suitable for pumping.

  • A long reach of 4.5 metres from tractor to propeller.

  • A stirrer extension provides a greater reach of 5.7 metres and greater angle and depth for deep effluent ponds or effluent ponds with difficult tractor access.

  • A tractor of 40 hp or greater is required.

  • Overload shear bolt for safety.

  • Retractable wheels while stirring.

  • Robust construction.

  • Easily towed between farms.

Code Description
50500 Tractor Pond Stirrer x 4.5 m long
50501 Tractor Pond Stirrer Extension x 1.2 m long
  Tractor Pond PTO Stirrer & Extension Daily Hire
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