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Effluent Sump 25000


  • Unique conical shaped internal base channels effluent directly to the pump suction preventing buildup of sludge and crusting, avoiding the need for a stirrer.

  • A sump capacity of approx 23000 litres is ideal for larger herds, when using multiple yard hoses or low volume flood washing.

  • Ideal if the power supply to the dairy prevents simultaneous operation of the effluent pump and the milking plant, effluent can be stored until after milking before being pumped.

  • A stable and reliable effluent pump pontoon has greater buoyancy than most other pontoon designs with a similar number of drums.  Easily supports the weight of a serviceman without sinking or capsizing.

  • Modular concrete design provides for quick and easy installation.

  • Fits all common types of effluent pumps.

  • Optional pump discharge assembly including air release valve, non return valve, pipe, hose and fittings.

  • Optional Safety Fence.

  • 10 years proven reliability and durability.

  • Dimensions 3650 mm dia. x 2750 mm high.  Approximate weight 7000 kg plus Internal Conical Base  2300 kg.

Code Description
12300 Concrete Sump 25000 x 3.5 m ID
12310 Conical Internal Base 25000
12320 Three Drum Pontoon c/w Hinge Assy
12340 Safety Fence 25000 (optional)
For Sump 25000 Pump Adaptors, refer to Adaptors Section

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