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Travelling Irrigator

*Design Registration #26746 and Patent #272444


  • The unique continuous drive mechanism develops much greater energy efficiency than the common ratchet drives used on other irrigators.
  • Proven lowest pressure.  Continuous Drive System starts and operates at lower pressures (as low as 10 psi) with less stalling than ratchet irrigators.

  • Excellent low pressure, low cost irrigation provides high returns.  Will pay for itself in a year with reduced fertiliser costs.

  • Travels up to 300 m and spreads 30 m.  Wire rope either 200 m or 300 m depending on paddock length.

  • The unique triangular shape reduces potential for accidental damage with gateways and other obstacles.

  • Conical flexible rubber, non clog nozzles for effluent.  Brass nozzles for water irrigation.

  • Three speeds slow, medium and fast avoids pollution and weed infestations.

  • Improved winch drum design reduces speed variation along a run for more even spread of effluent.  Improved laying of wire rope on to winch drum extends the life of the wire rope.

  • The front wheel is easily removed for towing and also prevents 'run away' on slopes.  The front wheel can also be locked or left self steering depending on the ground contour.

  • Fibreglass cover over drive system as standard.

  • Rugged galvanized construction and more stainless steel components than all others.

  • It is without doubt that the Ecostream Travelling Irrigator has the most and the best benefits, features, specifications and optional extras than all others.

Travelling Irrigator & Draghose Layout


Travelling Irrigator Performance Data
Wetted Width
75 11 190 22
100 14 224 24
125 18 254 26
150 21 284 28
175 25 310 30
All flow rates are based on the use of two conical nozzles
Wetted widths can be increased by reducing boom rotation speeds and/or by increasing the trajectory of the booms.
Travel speed & application data is included in the Travelling Irrigator Assembly & Operating Instructions.
Operating pressure 70 – 750 kPa (10 – 100 psi)
Flow 70 to 500 litres/minute
Run length Up to 300 metres
Cable length Up to 300 metres
Hose length Up to 150 metres x 50 mm dia.
Wetted width Up to 30 metres
Boom height 1.6 metres
Boom length 7.0 metres
Wheel track 1.7 metres
Weight 185 kg (approx)
Optional Extras
eco5.jpg Post Anchor Chain allows for convenient attachment of the wire rope to an anchor point.
eco7.jpg Hose Tows enable the transfer of three draghose sections quickly and conveniently between runs in one move.
eco8.jpg ATV Hose Tow enables quick and convenient shifting of one draghose section with an ATV.
eco10.jpg Quick Change Nozzle Attachments enable the irrigator nozzles to be easily removed for cleaning without tools.
eco12.jpg Tandem Axles fitted to the rear of the irrigator provide smoother travel on rough and pugged paddocks when towing between runs reducing the potential for damage to the boom.
eco1.jpg Stainless Steel Booms provide increased strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance and reduced weight.  Ideal for whey irrigation.
eco2.jpg Flow Diffuser fitted to one nozzle on the boom greatly improves the uniformity of application.
eco3.jpg Auto-flow Shutoff System automatically stops the flow to the irrigator at the end of the run.
eco4.jpg Hinged Drawbar eliminates the need to remove the front wheel when towing between runs.  Ideal for operators with sore backs and tired staff!
eco9.jpg Wire Rope galvanised or stainless steel 4 mm dia. x 200 m, 300 m or cut to length. Irrigator stop, crimp and thimble can be attached to enable convenient wire rope replacement.
eco11.jpg Effluent Nozzles  Red Effluent Conical Nozzles will reduce nozzle blockages.  The Black Effluent Nozzle is a lower cost option.
Code Description
10000 Ecostream Travelling Irrigator c/w 4mm x 200m Wire Rope
10500 Additional 4mm x 100 m Wire Rope (optional)
10307 Post Anchor Chain (optional)
10319 Hose Tows (set of 3) (optional)
10325 ATV Hose Tow (optional)
10410 Quick Change Nozzle Attachment (set) (optional)
10390 Tandem Axle Assembly (pair)  (optional)
10395 Stainless Steel Boom  (fitted as new) (optional)
10396 Stainless Steel Boom  (retro fit)
10380 Flow Diffuser (optional)
10330 Auto Flow Shut Off Assembly (optional)
10420 Hinged Drawbar (optional)
10400 Black Effluent Nozzle
NHCS40 Hose Clip 40-60 Stainless
10401 Red Effluent Conical Nozzle
NHDC66.20 Hose Clamp 63 – 68 Heavy Duty
10402 Irrigation Nozzle Small
10403 Irrigation Nozzle Medium
10404 Irrigation Nozzle Large
10112 Overload Shearpin (packet of 3)
10411 Bronze & Nylon Bush Set
10412 Sprocket Carrier Puller
10414 Overload Shearpin Punch
10416 Chain Lubricant 300 gm
WR4G.200 Wire Rope 4 mm dia. x 200 m Galvanised
WR4G.300 Wire Rope 4 mm dia. x 300 m Galvanised
WR4SS.1 Wire Rope 4 mm dia. x 1 m Stainless Steel


Ecostream Travelling Irrigator - 11 years old and still going strong !!!
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