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Effluent Sump 3000

       Design Registration #27656 and #27657

  • Unique conical shaped internal base channels effluent directly to the pump suction preventing buildup of sludge and crusting, avoiding the need for a stirrer.

  • A sump capacity of approx. 3000 litres has been provided to ensure sufficient capacity to minimise pump cycling and thereby increasing pump and motor life.

  • An easy to clean debris basket removes debris not removed by the stone trap particularly floating debris which will cause pump or nozzle blockage.

  • Ideal for dairies up to 300 cows using 1 or 2 washdown hoses.

  • Manufactured from fibreglass providing increased strength and reduced weight resulting in much lower freight costs and easier installation.  The sump can be easily handled by two people and transported on a car trailer or ute avoiding high costs for large trucks with hiabs and excavators for lifting.

  • Modular design provides for quick and easy installation.  Just a few hours between milkings and the complete sump and pump system can be installed.

  • The safety cover not only meets OSH regulations, but also provides a support and mounting structure for the Debris Basket, Pump and Sump Pump Switch 1000.

  • Fits all common types of effluent pumps.

  • 10 years proven reliability and durability.

  • Overall dimensions are 2200 mm dia. x 1400 mm high.  Weight 160 kg.

    Code Description
    12003 Ecostream Sump 3000
    12001 Ecostream Sump Cover
    12002 Ecostream Debris Basket (optional)
    19204 Pump Mounting "U" Bolt Set (Yardmaster & Gillies)
    19202 Pump Mounting Bracket (Nu-Medic)

    For Sump 3000 Pump Adaptors, refer to Adaptors Section 



     Ecostream Sump 3000, Sump Pump Switch 1000 & Stone Trap

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