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Stationary Irrigator

           *Design Registration #26746



  • Very economical and ideal for use with smaller herds.

  • Ideal for use on steeper contours where travelling irrigators are unsuitable.

  • Unique nozzle flow diffuser and boom design ensures a larger wetted diameter and a more even spread than other stationary irrigators.

  • The unique triangular shape reduces potential for accidental damage with gateways and other obstacles.

  • Major components are interchangeable with the Ecostream Travelling Irrigator providing a cost saving when upgrading.
  • Galvanised steel wheels are fitted to enable easy shifting, unlike the skids commonly used on other stationary irrigators.

  • Robust construction and hot dip galvanised for durability.

  • If milking 200 cows and pumping from a sump the stationary irrigator would need to be shifted every 1-2 milkings.

  • A drawbar coupling facilitates towing with ATV's.

  • Typical draghoses used are 50 mm dia. LDPE, 57 mm dia. MDPE, 63 mm dia. MDPE.

  • Inlet connection is a 50mm male camlock.

Stationary Irrigator Performance Data
Wetted Diameter (metres)
75 11 190 19
100 14 224 21
125 18
254 23
150 21 284 25
175 25
310 27
All flow rates are based on the use of two conical nozzles
Wetted diameter can be increased by reducing boom rotation speeds and/or by increasing the trajectory of the booms.
Application data is included in the Stationary Irrigator Assembly & Operating Instructions.
11000 Ecostream Stationary Irrigator
10400 Black Effluent Nozzle
NHCS40 Hose Clip 40-60 Stainless
10401 Red Effluent Conical Nozzle
Hose Clamp 63 – 68 Heavy Duty
10325 Ecostream ATV Hose Tow (optional)


Ecostream Stationary Irrigator

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